Friday, January 4, 2013

How to Draw and Paint a Queen - Tutorial

I've always felt connected to queens because my name starts with a 'Q'. This is a good tutorial for getting practice with drawing faces. The template for the queen can also be found in the downloads section, as well as other fun templates. Students enjoy decorating the queen with jewellery by using glitter pens and stickers.

Begin with the queen's face. It is a U-shape from the tip of the crown to the other tip. I always discuss the important aspects about the face. Explain where the eyes are in relation to the ears. In this drawing the eyebrows are horizontally in line with the top of the ears. The nose is horizontally in line with the earrings. The mouth is directly below the nose and vertically in line with it.

Draw in the rest of her body and use your imagination for her jewellery. I used watercolor paint and then created the outlines with oil pastel. This works well in sizes A4 and A2. Some students may not want to draw in the outlines.

Isabel, age 11, pastel
Kimel, age 8
Katelyn, age 7

Katelyn pointed out that she felt like she was doing someone's makeup. I love her golden grill!
xoxo Queen Quaymberley.