Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Paint a Rainbow Fish - Tutorial

This is a charming tutorial for kids and can be adapted in many ways (try drawing a school of fish!). For first time clients, I usually start with this tutorial.

Start with basic shapes. The body is an oval. The fins have stripes. The eye is made up of a dot and a circle. The face has a bend or slight point where the mouth is.

Once the basic outline is drawn like in the template, the student can paint it with watercolor. Be careful with the paints bleeding. I made the stripes in the fins so that one section can be painted and then needs to dry completely. This prevents bleeding. The fun part of this is painting it because there are so many ways to color it. My students love choosing colors and their individuality shines through. It is important to talk about fish and any general knowledge you have  about the subject. I ask students about seaweed, Finding Nemo, coral and different kinds of fish.

I think the fish works better when it is outlined in pastel. It does not have to be black, there are other really beautiful colors that can be used. Below is an example of a fish drawn by Katelyn, age 7. She used pastel and paint to fill in color.

Katelyn, age 7
Other templates are available in the downloads sections here. Enjoy and let me know what creations come about! xo Quaymberley.

Katrina, age 5