Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Art Class Rules

These are my rules that I wrote for my art classes. Clients need to know from the start of our relationship what my expectations are, this applies to the parents and the kids. These rules set out exactly what I require to have a cooperative relationship. I always make myself available to discuss any grey areas.

  • Do your best work.
  • Be on time for the lesson. I try my best to be punctual, so it is only fair that my client is punctual too. I'd rather be too early than too late.
  • Be prepared before the lesson. The workspace should be set up with newspapers covering the table and the student's toolbox is ready to be used.
  • No eating or drinking on your art table. Spillages and crumbs can ruin a whole session's work.
  • Have a break every hour. This depends on my individual students. Each student has a certain amount of energy and attention that they can give me. A refreshing break can really make a huge difference during a long session.
  • Always wear an apron or smock so that your clothes stay clean.
  • Always clean up the workspace when we are finished with class.
  • No tearing pages out of your sketchbook! Here is a great post as to why sketchbooks are important.
  • Have fun and don't rush, there is always next time.

Once the rules have been discussed with my clients, I give them the chance to let me know what their expectations are for me. It's only fair, right?