Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wet-on-wet Watercolor Koi Tutorial

Isabel, age 11
It seems like all I ever post on my site are how to paint fish! That just might be the case, but this was still a really fun project. This project can be completed in 2 - 3 hours. The background and the fish have to be painted separately and have to dry completely between steps, but the results are worth it.

Begin by drawing the fish body shapes in pencil. The shape is a tear-drop with a triangular tail at the end. Next, place a few lily pads and flowers in the water. The lily pads are circles with a "Y" in the middle. Secure the watercolor paper to a masonite board by masking taping it all around.

Get your watercolors out! Load the brush with a lot of water and brush it all over the water background (don't paint the fish or the lily pads/flowers yet).  Load the brush with blue or purple pigment and dab the page.Guide the colors to touch each other but don't mix them with your brush. Some beautiful effects can come out of this project. Once the whole background is filled with color, leave it to dry.

Paint the lily pads green. Paint the "Y" in a different green, preferably darker. Painting the koi is the best part! Using the same wet-on-wet technique as the background, paint the koi. Cover the body with clear water first then inject orange and yellow pigment into it. Don't mix the pigment, just let the colors bleed into each other. Look at different pictures of koi and try to get the same colors.

Jeanette, age 11
Goodluck painting these! xoxo Quaymberley