Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting Tutorial: How to make an Ice-cream Sprinkle Painting!

Ice-cream with sprinkles on top

This is the first art food feature... Ice-cream Sprinkle art lesson! I found it works from ages 5 and up, they all seem to enjoy this art tutorial. You will need a few A4 sheets of paper. You can start by painting a few ice-cream flavors on the paper (filling up the page because we are going to cut them out!). Paint an orange triangle with brown criss-cross lines to make the cone.

On another blank A4 page, using the brush and tapping it gently against your hand, splatter a few different colors across. This will be the background for the ice-cream.

Cut out ice-cream with sprinkle background.

When each page is dry, cut out the scoops. Cut out a cherry or a flake. Glue all the separate parts together onto the background sprinkle paper and there is a yummy ice-cream!

If you want to, splatter more paint droplets onto the final piece. Use acrylic paint applied thickly to make chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce or double thick cream.

Cut out ice-cream with sprinkle background
Now, get creative! Here are some more great ice-cream examples. There are so many different kinds of ice-creams to paint. Oh my goodness! It makes me so hungry! xoxo Quaym :p

Katelyn, age 9
Katrina, age 5

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Simple Self-Portrait in Watercolor

Jeanette, age 11

As in the Simple Self-Portrait in Pastel Tutorial, this tutorial is also very open-ended. For this lesson I only assisted students when they asked for help because I wanted to see what they would come up with on their own.

Begin by tracing the template below on to an A4 or A3 watercolor paper lightly in pencil. Templates are available in the downloads section.

Draw in a few details to the eyes, ears, mouth and nose in pencil. Watercolor pencils can be used at this point if the student has any. Set up your watercolor paints and water containers. Paint the face as desired and leave to dry. Load the brush with water and pigment and paint the background keeping the paper very wet. Sprinkle some table-salt on to the background for a beautiful effect. I give the option of outlining the portrait with a black marker pen. Xoxo Quaymberley.