Saturday, April 13, 2013

Painting Tutorial: How to make an Ice-cream Sprinkle Painting!

Ice-cream with sprinkles on top

This is the first art food feature... Ice-cream Sprinkle art lesson! I found it works from ages 5 and up, they all seem to enjoy this art tutorial. You will need a few A4 sheets of paper. You can start by painting a few ice-cream flavors on the paper (filling up the page because we are going to cut them out!). Paint an orange triangle with brown criss-cross lines to make the cone.

On another blank A4 page, using the brush and tapping it gently against your hand, splatter a few different colors across. This will be the background for the ice-cream.

Cut out ice-cream with sprinkle background.

When each page is dry, cut out the scoops. Cut out a cherry or a flake. Glue all the separate parts together onto the background sprinkle paper and there is a yummy ice-cream!

If you want to, splatter more paint droplets onto the final piece. Use acrylic paint applied thickly to make chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce or double thick cream.

Cut out ice-cream with sprinkle background
Now, get creative! Here are some more great ice-cream examples. There are so many different kinds of ice-creams to paint. Oh my goodness! It makes me so hungry! xoxo Quaym :p

Katelyn, age 9
Katrina, age 5