Thursday, May 2, 2013

My old sketchbook

Here are some drawings from when I was a kid. My mother saved this sketchbook for me and I drew in it during the holidays. I only have 1 sketchbook of this age. That's why I always tell my clients to keep sketchbooks. I remember the star stickers were for a job well done.

I'm still trying to figue this one out. I think I'm at the shops or the arcade. Dwain is my brother. Gosh, it was such a mission to learn how to spell my name (11 letters!).

This is a drawing of Cape Town. It really does look like that. I don't know what that big brown thing is in the sea.

Looks like daddy is driving in a no car zone! This car is going so fast, it's just flying through the streets.

Here I am at the Snake Park in my funky jumpsuit. I love the drawing of my outfit, but where is my face? My shoes also match! :) Quaymberley