Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Winter Arty Party 2013

Art Class Kids took part in the art and craft market, Winter Arty Party. Its great to meet other exhibitors and learn about art & craft markets. I used this as an opportunity to advertise my business, meet new potential clients, practice my art teaching skills and to meet other people in the crafting industry. We gave out business cards, flyers and had a few art lessons (at a special price!). Would I do it again? Probably, but of course I would do it differently.

What did I learn from this experience (that I wish someone told me before!)?
  • Have a support team! I would not have been able to set up without my friend Cay. I also had a fantastic support team to help supply and carry the tables/chairs/display boards. They were great especially when we first started and there were no clients!
  • Set up and plan your display a few days before. This helps you be prepared for the big event. I used this interesting read to get ready: Prepping for a school art show from Deep Space Sparkle.
  • Do not mount your display outdoors- Just because it is bright and sunny outside (dark and dingy inside), it can also get very windy and everything that has been put on display has a chance of blowing away. Go back into the dark and dingy space, add lighting and enjoy a windless area. 
  • Do not teach art outside - unless you have adequate shade. As stated before, it was a beautiful Winter day but we all got sunburned and our paintings kept flapping in the wind. Always remember to bring suncream!
  • The other exhibitors are your great allies. Talking and socializing with the other exhibitors makes everything much more easier. We spoke about how much we made, their previous experiences, exchanged business cards and swopped fliers for our displays.
  • Keep smiling, have fun and be friendly! We had a great time at our stand and when people saw this which is what drew in a lot of our clients. So don't be afraid to have fun.