Saturday, August 10, 2013

Book Illustration Lesson: The tale of Tommy Nobody

When I was a kid I loved the reading the book The Tale of Tommy Nobody, not just for the story, but for the pictures.

I designed an illustration lesson for my art class using the book and it worked out really great. The kids were able to work in a sketchy fashion.

Begin by making a copy of the picture to draw from and place it next to the drawing pad. Start sketching in pencil the basic shapes. Start filling in color with yellow watercolor. The background and the bird's chests have yellow speckles. Next, add different greens and allow the paint to bleed into the yellow for a fantastic effect. Brown is used last and students can paint a light layer, then let it dry and paint another layer afterwards. When the paint is dry, use a waterproof black marker to make the dark outlines and make the artwork pop.

Since it is a lesson where the student has to draw from someone else's image, I try to encourage him or her to add their own spin to it. It is always a better piece if it does not look exactly like the book (but close enough for the student to be happy with it).

Isabel, age 11
If you don't have the book, look for another book that has similar sketchy illustrations. Goodluck! Quaymberley <3