Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to draw a Bush Baby in Oil Pastel


Those huge eyes are adorable and will have the kids in your class up in giggles. Above is a oil pastel drawing by Isabel. She created the texture by pressing hard on the oil pastel and used many layers.

Before starting the lesson it is a good idea to explain what a bushbaby is and show some pictures so that student can get an idea of the size, colors and character of the little animal.

Print the template from the downloads section as use it as a reference. For this lesson let the student draw the bush baby in pencil lightly on paper. 

There are a few important aspects to the drawing that need to be pointed out. Notice that the black fur area around the eyes are square and the eyes are circles. The ears are pointy and have a thick upper outline. There is a light area between the two eyes.

Using oil pastel, start with the lighter colours and build up the fur with the cross-hatching technique. Always draw in the direction of the fur and create layers by cross-hatching another colour over the base. For example, start with grey, then use brown, then go back to grey, add in a few lines of light blue and then grey again.

It is a night time scene so be sure to keep that in mind (that's why the busy baby is out and about!). Make the background night sky by adding in stars or the moon. The sky can be coloured in using black or dark blue, then using a fingernail, scratch out the stars. With a yellow or white oil pastel, press hard in the scratched out areas and fill in the stars. The tree bark can also be coloured in brown, then texture can be scratched out and filled in with another colour oil pastel.

This lesson is always a hit, I hope you have fun with it. The follow up lesson is How to Paint a Bush Baby. xo Quaymberley