Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book Illustration Lesson: Matilda Mouse's Garden

Here is an illustration Alicia created from the book 'Matilda Mouse's Garden' by Heather S. Buchanan (author and illustrator).

Alicia's work in progress

The book looks as though it is delicately painted in watercolour and the detail is applied with watercolour pencils. Alicia decided to use pastel and watercolour because we were working on pastel blending techniques. It was a good art session because when I went home it was unfinished, but the next week she told me that she spent the whole afternoon on it.

Alicia, age 11

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pastel Portrait from observation

Alicia's work in progress
This pastel portrait was drawn from a magazine perfume advertisement and it took one session to draw. Alicia drew the face from observation and modified the hair to give it her own spin. On the shoulders and on the hand are dark brown sections in the work in progress image, in the final piece, layers of pastel has been applied and this gave the effect of depth.

Alicia, age 12
I like that she focused on the eyes and mouth and the texture of the skin is blended beautifully. The background aqua colour is fantastic, I think it really makes the face pop out of the paper. Notice it is not just one block of color, she added hints of green, white and grey. My absolute favorite detail are the elongated fingers (she has a french manicure too!).

Check out the pastel self-portrait tutorial and let me know if it works for you :) Quaymberley

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ipad Art Lesson: Painting

Isabel and Jeanette

Today we had a different art lesson, we used Ipads!

Using their Ipads, the girls each photographed the images that they liked. They took about 5 or 6 photos from painting books. I then asked them to draw a thumbnail of each image (on a white A4 paper) and next to it they wrote what they liked the most about the image, or why they chose it. They mostly wrote that they liked the colours, the composition and the brush techniques (expressive). A thumbnail drawing a tiny sketch done in pencil to map out a larger image.

After that, I asked them to draw a final thumbnail which captured all the aspects that they liked, for example, they drew their favorite thumbnail composition and then annotated it with the thumbnail with the most interesting color combination. From this, they came up with a new image that had their own creativity and style attached to it.


Once their final thumbnail was done, they used it to draw on the canvas paper as a guide. The Ipads were used to look at the detail of the selected images. It was an interesting experience and there were no splashing on my art books, no printing paper and we all felt very organised and techy. I found it to be a very successful art lesson. :) Quaymberley


Sunday, January 5, 2014

New studio on it's way

My new studio is almost finished. My dad built it as the room above the squash courts. It's been my dream for a long time to have my own studio space and my dad has always wanted a squash court on his property so he can get up and play. I'm concerned about the sound from the squash players while I have kids art classes upstairs. They make a lot of noise when they hit a shot. The ball itself is also very loud. It's not too much of a big deal because we can always say Saturday is squash day and Sunday is art day, or split the sessions as morning and afternoon. Either way I'm still super excited to have my own art studio.

I will still drive to clients houses to teach art, but I do want to have most of my art lessons here. There is a huge difference between teaching a kid in their home, which is a comfort zone full of distractions and teaching in an art studio. I think a lot of parents just want to drop of their kid for a few hours and not worry about an art mess. When I was 13 years old I went to art classes in Rivonia and my art teacher Riva had her own studio above a garage. My dad would drop me off on Saturdays for 3 hours (he would drive tot he gym to play squash with my brothers during this time!) and then pick me up. The group sessions helped me so much to meet other art students and see what they did. Riva had a store room with different art supplies, if I wanted to paint she would whip out a canvas and I wouldn't have to go all the way to the art store to get one.

The next few months I will be designing and decorating the inside- with my own artworks!
xoXO Quaymberley

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

The new year has always felt like a fresh start for me.

Goals for Art Class Kids:

  • Decorate new art studio and move all my supplies to it.
  • Expand client base - create more advertisements and put them up around the neighborhood and surrounding areas.
  • Work every weekend on my art lesson book.
  • Have art classes in my the new studio.
  • Keep my blog updated weekly with new ideas. This will help with ideas for my book too.

Goals for my art practice:
  • Finish my BAFA at Wits. This is m 4th and last year before I can graduate.
  • Go to as many art events and art exhibitions in Johannesburg.
  • Get involved with a few collaborative works with other students.
  • Work on paintings for my home of my family and pets.
  • Work on illustrations to sell.
  • Take stock photography to sell online.
  • Get back into portrait commissions

The best part is that now instead of saying "I'll drive to your house" I've got my own place and my clients can drive to me!

<3 Quaymberley