Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ipad Art Lesson: Painting

Isabel and Jeanette

Today we had a different art lesson, we used Ipads!

Using their Ipads, the girls each photographed the images that they liked. They took about 5 or 6 photos from painting books. I then asked them to draw a thumbnail of each image (on a white A4 paper) and next to it they wrote what they liked the most about the image, or why they chose it. They mostly wrote that they liked the colours, the composition and the brush techniques (expressive). A thumbnail drawing a tiny sketch done in pencil to map out a larger image.

After that, I asked them to draw a final thumbnail which captured all the aspects that they liked, for example, they drew their favorite thumbnail composition and then annotated it with the thumbnail with the most interesting color combination. From this, they came up with a new image that had their own creativity and style attached to it.


Once their final thumbnail was done, they used it to draw on the canvas paper as a guide. The Ipads were used to look at the detail of the selected images. It was an interesting experience and there were no splashing on my art books, no printing paper and we all felt very organised and techy. I found it to be a very successful art lesson. :) Quaymberley