Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kinder Watercolours: Keira and Kendra

Just the other day I was wondering (in this post) when I would see my nieces Keira and Kendra again then out of nowhere they came to visit from Swaziland! We had a super fun weekend. I set up a temporary art studio in one of the empty rooms in my home and we called it the painting room. We used watercolours, oil pastel and crayons.


Keira, age 5, Dora The Explorer and Boots
Keira, age 5, Ariel from The Little Mermaid
Keira, age 5, Tinkerbell
Keira, age 5, princess

Keira organising her paintings
In this photo, you can see my demonstration paintings of Tinkerbell and Ariel. Keira took them with her so she could use them another time.

Keira with her artwork

 Kendra is 3 years old and she was learning how to use the brush. It was much easier for her to work on the floor (and mess it with paint!) because reaching into the water container was too high for her.

Kens having fun

Kendra, age 3

Kendra, age 3, flower
Kendra only wanted to paint, she asked Keira to trace a few animals for her.

Kendra, age 3, butterfly (traced by Keira)

Kendra, age 3, fish (traced by Keira)
I love seeing how kids art changes over time. Nancy said they had a few art sessions with my mother and I can see the influence right away from how they talk about the brushes and paints and what painting in the lines mean to them.
xo Quaymberley.