Friday, February 7, 2014

Kinder Watercolours: Keira (age 4)

I gave Keira (my godchild and my cousin's daughter) a watercolour session a while back when she was 4 years old. She already knew how to hold a brush and was very excited to paint. We decided together that we were just painting and having fun with colour. I asked her if she could paint circles and lines and dots and she could, but towards the end she was going with her own flow and design. I wish we had more painting sessions together, but I think we were very busy playing with Lego.

A rainbow!

I gave her a range of different coloured paper and I think it created something very interesting, compared to what white paper only would have.

A face by Keira, age 4

I love it when a kid gets so involved in the process that nothing else matters.

Keira, age 4

Keira, age 4
I hope to see her soon so we can have another fun session. She lives in Swaziland and maybe I'll be there in June or July this year. Xo Quaymberley.