Saturday, May 10, 2014

Collage Tutorial: How to Make a Kitty Collage

Collage-making is great for working on motor skills such as scissor cutting and glueing. It is also something that you can start and not know what the final image will look like and the surprise is super fun for everyone! Most time is taken up when looking for the images in magazines because kids love to read and this is always engaging conversation.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Magazines that have cats/kittens, gardens and homes
  • A3 drawing paper (best to use a drawing book)

Start by finding a few garden or home magazines that you can cut out of (make sure when working with clients you ask their parents permission!).

Cut out as many green sections of grass, flowers and trees as you can and keep them in a pile. Variation in these subjects make for an interesting collage, so it's ok if a flower is the same size as a tree.

Sometimes, instead of cutting the subject out of the paper, rip the whole page out of the magazine to make it easier to cut.

Organize the greenery images on the A3 paper. If you can't fill the page with greenery, or have run out of greenery, find images of the sky. Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, start pasting them onto the paper.

Now time for the kittens!

Find lots of different sized kittens in the cat magazines. Play with where they could go in the garden. I always try to hide a few in the garden by looking for similar shaded greenery or very small kitten cut-outs.

Jeanette's kittens - how many can you find?
I hope you have fun collaging! Watch those paper cuts. xo Quaymberley

Sunday, May 4, 2014

How To Paint: Large-scale Watercolours

How do you spice up an art session? One way is to change the size of your paper! We used A1  paper for this and taped it to the wall. Unfortunately the wall was full of watercolour paint at the end of the session, but luckily it came off with soap and water!

When taping the paper, let the artist handle the masking tape and do the tearing. Make sure the paints, water and brushes are right next to the artist. Always keep a rag nearby just in case of accidents! We used step ladders to hold the materials.

It is remarkable to see what the artists come up with. I try not to intervene too much because it is a free-painting session, so anything can appear in front of us.

Depending on the artists and what we are talking about sometimes the same things can appear on different works and that is interesting to see how the work is influenced.

Look at these wonderfully finished works!
xx Quaymberley.