Sunday, May 4, 2014

How To Paint: Large-scale Watercolours

How do you spice up an art session? One way is to change the size of your paper! We used A1  paper for this and taped it to the wall. Unfortunately the wall was full of watercolour paint at the end of the session, but luckily it came off with soap and water!

When taping the paper, let the artist handle the masking tape and do the tearing. Make sure the paints, water and brushes are right next to the artist. Always keep a rag nearby just in case of accidents! We used step ladders to hold the materials.

It is remarkable to see what the artists come up with. I try not to intervene too much because it is a free-painting session, so anything can appear in front of us.

Depending on the artists and what we are talking about sometimes the same things can appear on different works and that is interesting to see how the work is influenced.

Look at these wonderfully finished works!
xx Quaymberley.