Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oil Painting Photorealistic: Snoopy My Dog


I made this painting of my lovely Snoopy earlier this year. Snoopy is a girl by the way! I had a canvas with a painting that I didn't like anymore, so I painted over it with PVA. I decided to practice some photorealism skills.

I used a projector to get the image perfect (Oh no! Laziness! Oh well...). That was less of a challenge, I just wanted to focus on the colours to be honest. The larger the canvas the better. Note, my Lulu dog painting is still unfinished, but that is a whole other story.

The base was then applied using acrylic and then I had oil paints and so I switched to that.

My bald head and the beginning stages of Snoopy and Lulu

Hair close up
Ear detail

Snoopy posing with her painting

I was enjoyable and the best part was when it looked like it was coming together. I will do more of these as soon as I get time and inspiration. Xx. Q.