Thursday, August 7, 2014

How To Draw a Fish Pond In Pastel

Keira (age 6), Raya (age 8) and Kendra (age 4)

Of course another fish drawing tutorial! I had an art session with these girls and there was a fish pond in the garden full of koi, so we decided to draw it.

My demonstration drawing next to Keira's drawing

I started by showing the artists the different features of the pond such as the plants and rocks around it, the different colours of the fish, the colour of the water and what else was floating on the water.

We got started right away by drawing a large bean shape for the pond (in any colour). The water would be coloured in last and to make it easier I told them to fill the pond with as many fish as possible. I demonstrated how to draw a fish from above. It's similar to this koi tutorial. We used pastel blending techniques for the colourful fish.

Having fun with art
This session is open to interpretation and I don't give too much advice because the students can come up with great ideas of their own. Xo Quaymberley.