Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pastel Portrait Tutorial: Focus Points

Every portrait is different and so is every artist. I am going to point out some focus points for this specific portrait.

The aims of this drawing was to draw a face proportionally, model the face with blending techniques and to work with pastel. I encouraged the artist Jeanette to look carefully at the colours from the image source. We worked for two sessions on this drawing.

The images below show some focus points:

  • The hair that falls over her left side of the face casts a slight shadow. 
  • The lower eye-lashes were drawn in delicately and blended over with white pastel. It's hard to see with these photos, but they are there.
  • The pencil from the under-drawing was showing through the hair and so it was covered first with lemon yellow, then with ochre.
  • The shirt has blue, light blue, white and grey blended in some sections.
  • Her pastels were cleaned with a cloth before each application and so there is absolutely no muddiness.
  • The neck detail was softened by blending white into the lines.

Jeanette's final drawing, age 12
I'm not going to say anything else except we were both very happy with the result.
xo. Quaymberley.