Saturday, November 1, 2014

How to Paint a Bushbaby in Watercolour - Tutorial

Bushbabies are a treat to draw, but also really great to paint. This tutorial is a follow up to: How to Draw a Bush Baby In Oil Pastel.

How to Paint the Bushbaby:

  1. Print the template from the downloads section as use it as a reference. 
  2. Let your student to draw lightly from observation using pencil on watercolour paper. 
  3. Paint the fur with thin and confident brushstrokes in the direction of flow. Do not paint the white areas. 
  4. Let each section dry after painting. Try and paint sections that are far from each other to prevent bleeding paint.
  5. Once dry, paint another layer of brushstrokes over the fur. Use a different brown or the same, the watercolour creates a beautiful effect for layering, but this only works if wet paint is painted over dry paint. 
  6. Lastly, paint the tree and the night sky.

Bon weekend! xo Q.

Fine Art Sketchbook Look

Here's a look at my sketchbook for my Fine Arts course, just to see where some of my work came from. I wrote down a lot of notes during tutor meetings. x. Quaymberley