Friday, September 18, 2015

Love this: Crazy Characters

I remember one of the most fun things to do during primary school was when we had a free lesson these cartoon character drawing papers would come out and we made the craziest characters! I think they contributed to the way I draw today, or they def taught me to draw.

The idea is that there are different pages for each feature of the person. The first page is the hair style, th enext is the head shape, then the eyes, mouths, ears and so on. You trace each feature and it creates this person at the end.

I gave my art students the papers to trace and they came up with their own characters.

We used the lightbox (yes I have my own!) to trace and it is actually a really good way to develop fine motor-skills. Little kids in my art class are always telling me that tracing is "cheating". I have never had a problem with tracing or letting kids trace because tracing is a skill that needs to be developed and it's not that easy to do.

I have no idea who made these cartoon character drawings originally, anyone know?

I found them via and you can download the whole set of papers to make your own character!

This brought back so many great memories (I wish I kept my drawings from when I was a kid).

xoxox. QB.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Step By Step Drawing

I found a great website via my Pinterest board called Drawing How To Draw and there was an amazing post/page full of these cute dog drawings and they teach how to draw them step by step. Check it out at here.

So I used their step by step guides for my art student and it worked really well. The lesson took about 1 hour to complete and it was so easygoing and enjoyable because the dogs are cute, silly and funny.

That's what an art lesson should be -- lots of fun!

Katelyn, age 10
The first happy little bird comes from

xoxoxo QB.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Symmetry

Had an art lesson based on symmetry last week.

I used these templates of bugs and creatures to challenge my art students. Thanks so much!

You can find them at 10 Free Coloring Pages - Bug Symmetry, I think they are beautifully drawn, so I didn't want or need to reinvent the wheel.

I traced the half bugs with a  pink felt tip pen and my art student completed the drawings.

Katelyn, age 10

It took 1 hour to complete all 4 drawings and it looked like so much fun, I also wanted to draw one!

xo. QB

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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Portrait Drawing In Pencil

Had an art lesson with Katelyn (age 10) and we worked on portraiture and facial proportions.

I discussed the space between the eyes and that there is an invisible eye between out eyes - there isn't but it explains the distance between eyes. I spoke about the eyes being in line with the top of the ears and the mouth being in line with the bottom of the ears. I physically drew a line with my finger on my own face to demonstrate this. I also drew a line splitting my face in half from top to bottom with my index finger. I spoke about symmetry and how a face is symmetrical, but not really, right? Then at the end I said we all have different faces and different sized features, so it DEPENDS on the person you are drawing and it's all about measuring the distances between features.

Katelyn, age 10

I used the above template to discuss facial proportion, Katelyn did not need to trace it, and she had enough confidence to just draw freehand. Love it!

xo xo QB

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Decorative Line

Had an art class last week and the theme was decorative line. I gave the students a choice of drawing circles, squares or mandalas with decorative line.

They chose mandalas!

I instructed them to start with a circle in the centre of the paper and from there we added  petals, another circle (with lines in the circle) then more petals and petals on top of petals, , zig zag lines, squiggles, c-waves, stripes -it goes on and there was no set formula.

The students also came up with their own ideas for decorating their mandala which I thought was the best part of the lesson.

The pencil drawing took about 30 minutes and by then they were ready for something else (I wanted them to color it in, but they were done).

Katrina, age 6 
Katelyn, age 10
I think working with decorative line is a nice warm up exercise for kids but to make it more interesting, next time we will do it in glitter pens, felt tips or watercolor paint.

xo. QB

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Super Art Land is Back!

Welcome to the new and improved Super Art Land (previously known as Art Class Kids).


Send me an email: if you would like to arrange an art session or for general questions.

What happened? After finishing my BAFA at Wits, I needed time to set up and work on my webdesign & illustration business Leenykova Creative. My hiatus is over. It gave me time to reinvent and reimagine. Now I'm energized and pumped to start facilitating art classes again - this time ADULTS are invited to join, not just for kids!

Email today:

Xo. Quaymberley

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Oil Painting Process: Portrait Commission

I began portrait making in 2008, before I studied Fine Art. I photographed all my family members looking straight at me and drew from the photos. I read a lot of books on portraits to learn techniques and over the years I felt much more confident in creating them the more I painted. So last month I received a request to paint a portrait in oils. I was super excited, but also scared because I only had a month to complete it because was a birthday present. The biggest problem is that oils take a very long time to dry, so I would have to work smart with this one.


For this painting, I began with a wash of orange acrylic paint. It worked as the base of the skin tones and in fact it affects everything that is painted over it, or not painted.

I sketched the face with red and blue acrylic. I photographed the sketch and then put it in photoshop over the reference image that the client sent. I adjusted the opacity of my sketch photo over the client's photo to see if the sketch aligned. Then I painted the adjustments with purple. I repeated this process a few times until I felt it looked like the client's photo. I did not want to use a projector to draw the subject. I wanted a flowing and natural feel to the painting but I would have used one if it was a much larger canvas. The canvas was A2 which is 42 x 59.4 cm and it was quite manageable.

I blocked in colour next with acrylic and only once the whole canvas was covered with acrylic and dried I began to paint with oil paint. I used almost half a bottle of Liquin because I needed it to dry quickly. I painted in oil mixed with Liquin on one day then gave it a whole day to rest/dry.

What I love the most about painted portraits is that paint does something different to what a photograph does. A part of me really wanted the subject to look exact and another part of me was happy to let the paint do what it does.

You can see how the orange base comes out in her skin and it contrasts with the blue (opposite colours on the colour wheel). I signed the back of the canvas because I find the artist signature on the  front to be too distracting as it breaks away from the illusion. I had a great time painting, even though there was pressure, in the end I just had to trust myself.

xo. QBD

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Leenykova Illustration

Happy New Year! I'm glad to be back, I took a much needed break from Super Art Land and now I'm fresh and ready to go! I think it is time to change things up, perhaps get a new design and decide on where I want this blog to go.

Well I started the year with a bang. The whole of December 2014 I was drawing, drawing and drawing some more. I've been busy with my new illustration  business Leenykova. It comes from my nickname "Leeny". I think my name "Quaymberley" has just been over-used by me online and I wanted something fresh and new.

Leenykova is going to be an Etsy shop as soon as my Paypal is connected. I'm planning to sell art prints and greeting cards for now. I want to illustrate for magazines and newspapers, but that will take time. I've created a business account with my bank so it is very, very, very exciting to be a new business owner.  I'm enjoying every bit of it. Please feel free to like my facebook page, follow my tumblr and follow me on twitter @leenykova (I always follow back!).

Super Art Land is not going anywhere, I will be making some changes in the next few months.

xo Quaymberley