Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Decorative Line

Had an art class last week and the theme was decorative line. I gave the students a choice of drawing circles, squares or mandalas with decorative line.

They chose mandalas!

I instructed them to start with a circle in the centre of the paper and from there we added  petals, another circle (with lines in the circle) then more petals and petals on top of petals, , zig zag lines, squiggles, c-waves, stripes -it goes on and there was no set formula.

The students also came up with their own ideas for decorating their mandala which I thought was the best part of the lesson.

The pencil drawing took about 30 minutes and by then they were ready for something else (I wanted them to color it in, but they were done).

Katrina, age 6 
Katelyn, age 10
I think working with decorative line is a nice warm up exercise for kids but to make it more interesting, next time we will do it in glitter pens, felt tips or watercolor paint.

xo. QB