Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kids Art Lesson: Portrait Drawing In Pencil

Had an art lesson with Katelyn (age 10) and we worked on portraiture and facial proportions.

I discussed the space between the eyes and that there is an invisible eye between out eyes - there isn't but it explains the distance between eyes. I spoke about the eyes being in line with the top of the ears and the mouth being in line with the bottom of the ears. I physically drew a line with my finger on my own face to demonstrate this. I also drew a line splitting my face in half from top to bottom with my index finger. I spoke about symmetry and how a face is symmetrical, but not really, right? Then at the end I said we all have different faces and different sized features, so it DEPENDS on the person you are drawing and it's all about measuring the distances between features.

Katelyn, age 10

I used the above template to discuss facial proportion, Katelyn did not need to trace it, and she had enough confidence to just draw freehand. Love it!

xo xo QB

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