Friday, September 18, 2015

Love this: Crazy Characters

I remember one of the most fun things to do during primary school was when we had a free lesson these cartoon character drawing papers would come out and we made the craziest characters! I think they contributed to the way I draw today, or they def taught me to draw.

The idea is that there are different pages for each feature of the person. The first page is the hair style, th enext is the head shape, then the eyes, mouths, ears and so on. You trace each feature and it creates this person at the end.

I gave my art students the papers to trace and they came up with their own characters.

We used the lightbox (yes I have my own!) to trace and it is actually a really good way to develop fine motor-skills. Little kids in my art class are always telling me that tracing is "cheating". I have never had a problem with tracing or letting kids trace because tracing is a skill that needs to be developed and it's not that easy to do.

I have no idea who made these cartoon character drawings originally, anyone know?

I found them via and you can download the whole set of papers to make your own character!

This brought back so many great memories (I wish I kept my drawings from when I was a kid).

xoxox. QB.